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Summer of Fun with Essential Oils – Part 1

rOIL Treasures Blog Post
June 4, 2016
rOIL Treasures Blog Post

It is June – Kiddos graduating, longer days of sunshine, and warmer weather. It can only mean one thing – Summer is upon us. As you enjoy the Summer this year, do you know how Young Living Essential Oils can add enjoyment and fun to your Summer? Join us as we embark on our Summer of Fun with Essential Oils series for the next 3 weeks!

Enjoy the Outdoors – Sun-Kissed Skin

If you are outside for any length of time, there is no getting around that you will be exposed to powerful rays from the sun, even on a cloudy day. WebMD states that “Sun exposure causes most of the skin changes that we think of as a normal part of aging. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers in the skin called elastin. When these fibers break down, the skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to go back into place after stretching. The skin also bruises and tears more easily — taking longer to heal. So while sun damage to the skin may not be apparent when you’re young, it will definitely show later in life.”

Summer-Fun-With-Essential-Oils-Lavaderm-Cooling-Mist-Spray-roil-treasuresOverexposure to the sun can cause painful sunburns and lead to other skin issues later in life so it is important to enjoy the outdoors safely with a good sunscreen applied liberally and often, especially since it washes off with sweating and activities such as swimming.

Should you have overexposed or Sun-Kissed skin, one great product to use is Young Living’s LavaDerm™ Cooling Mist. LavaDerm™ Cooling Mist contains Lavender essential oil and aloe to soothe and rejuvenate overexposed skin. You can also add 20 drops of Myrrh Essential Oil and Carrot Seed Essential Oil to your bottle of LavaDerm™ Cooling Mist and apply liberally and often throughout the day for a cooling sensation and to help soothe and protect the skin.


Enjoy the Outdoors – Bug Free

Summer would not be summer if we didn’t have annoying bugs to deal with right? In all seriousness, those pesky critters that are out when we are outdoors can be not only an annoyance but in some cases even dangerous to our health.  Here are 10 of Summer’s most dangerous summer bugs in North America from Reader’s Digest Editors:

1. Black Widow Spider
Roughly the size of a paper clip and with venom 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s, this hourglass-shaped black spider can be spotted by the red markings on its back. Black Widow spiders can live for 1-3 years in the wild and are often found alone.

2. Tarantula Spider
With a lifespan of nearly 30 years Tarantula spiders can grow to nearly the size of a personal pizza. Most Tarantulas are afraid of large predators (like humans) but if provoked – watch out! Though their venom isn’t deadly, it’s not pleasant and can cause rashes and pain at the biting point.

3. Africanized Bee
Mostly found in the Southern and Southwestern portions of the United States, Africanized Honeybees often travel in swarms to find a new hive. Most do not randomly attacked people or animals unless they feel that their new hive is in danger. If you see a swarm of bees or are near a hive, it’s important to move away from the area quickly.

4. Mosquitoes
Throughout the world, more people are killed by mosquito-borne illness than any other factor. In the United States, mosquitoes can spread different types of encephalitis and can transmit heart worms to domestic animals like dogs and cats.

5. Red Fire Ants
About ½ inch long and brought accidentally by ship from South America, the Red Fire Ant is a robust type of ant that can sting. Found on golf courses, at picnic grounds, and at playgrounds, Red Fire Ants are very common.

6. Wasps
Wasps usually have a slender, shiny body but they can often look like Honeybees. Unlike Honeybees, when wasps sting their victim they do not lose their stinger, allowing them to sting their victim repeatedly.

7. Brown Recluse Spider
Native to the Midwestern and Southern United States, Brown Recluse Spiders can be deadly to children under the age of 7. Displaying a violin-like shape on their back, these spiders can range in color from brownish-tan to yellow-tan. Most Brown Recluse Spiders only bite when provoked.

8. Scorpions
With a crab-like appearance, scorpions are predatory and often come out at night. Scorpions like warm, dry climates and are often found in deserts. Take precautions when hiking and camping by keeping shoes, blankets, and towels secured indoors. Stings can feel much like a Honeybee sting with mild swelling or a rash, or may be more serious.

9. Ticks
Ticks can be very tiny and some can also carry Lyme disease. Prevalent throughout North America, ticks can attach themselves to exposed skin after time spent outdoors. It’s important to do a full body check for ticks and to remove any ticks immediately. If bitten by a Lyme disease-carrying Deer Tick, removal of the tick within 36 hours can reduce the risk of disease.

10. Centipedes and Millipedes
Though not poisonous, Millipedes carry venom that can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Centipedes also carry venom that is not deadly but can be toxic to people who are allergic to other types of insect venoms. Both centipedes and millipedes are worm-like creatures.

Summer-Fun-With-Essential-Oils-Citronella-roil-treasuresUnfortunately, some of the insect repellents commonly available on the market today contain toxins that we really don’t want to expose ourselves or our families too.

For this reason, we encourage you to explore natural means to enjoy the summer outdoors and tell those pesky critters to bug off with things like Citronella Essential Oil. Citronella has been used for decades as a repellent for various insects such as mosquitoes, biting flies, and fleas. We have a Natural insect Repellent shown here in the graphic on the right.

Citronella Essential Oil can also be found in Purification® and RepelAroma™ essential oil blends, Bite Buster™ in the KidsScents® Oil Collection, and Animal Scents™ Shampoo.

Enjoy the Outdoors – Stay Cool!

We live in Texas, just east of Dallas, in a small town called Forney, but no matter where in Texas there is a common description of summer – HOT!  Keeping your temperature regulated when outdoors can pose a challenge but so very important to make sure to avoid things like dehydration and heat stroke.

Mayo Clinic Staff define heat stroke as a “condition caused by your body overheating, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to or physical exertion in high temperatures. This most serious form of heat injury, heat stroke can occur if your body temperature rises to 104 F (40 C) or higher.

Heat stroke requires emergency treatment. Untreated heat stroke can quickly damage your brain, heart, kidneys and muscles. The damage worsens the longer treatment is delayed, increasing your risk of serious complications or death.”

Summer-Fun-With-Essential-Oils-Peppermint-roil-treasuresThe importance of staying cool and hydrated can not be understated. One essential oil tool you may not be aware of that can help in the effort to stay cool in the hot summer weather is Peppermint Essential Oil.

  • Wet a lightweight cotton towel and drop 5-8 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil onto the towel. Place on back of neck, under a mesh cap, or down back.
  • Add 15 drops of Peppermint Essential Oils with 4 oz of water in a spray bottle and mist skin (avoiding eyes)

Peppermint Essential Oil is great for use in these manners during strenuous activity, yard work, gardening, camping, or anytime you need to cool down and relax!


Enjoy the Outdoors – Fishing Fun!

One common outdoor activity many enjoy is hitting the local pond, lake, or stream for fishing. Others are even more adventurous and take to the water in boats of various sizes and types to go to their favorite spots to catch those elusive water life both for sport and even for food.

Since humans spend the most of their time on the land, getting onto the water many times in a boat has its own unique challenges and getting your “sea legs” as is often said. For those with weaker stomachs, that can be easier said than done!

Summer-Fun-With-Essential-Oils-Digize-Peppermint-Lemon-Fishing-roil-treasuresNo worries!  If you happen to forget your sea legs while fishing, just make sure you have put your DiGize Essential Oil blend and Peppermint Essential oil in your tackle box. Place a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil  on each wrist, smell your DiGize right out of the bottle, or rub a few drops on your abdomen to help you feel like you are back on dry land again!

After you are back from your fishing adventure and you are the one in charge of cleaning the fish to prepare for dinnertime, rub some Lemon Essential Oil on your hands after you wash them to fully rid your hands of the fishy smell.

We hope you have enjoyed the first in our Summer of Fun with Essential Oils series and love to hear what you think in the comments below!


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