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Man Up! Essential Oils for Dudes – Part 4

rOIL Treasures Blog Post
August 13, 2016
rOIL Treasures Blog Post

In our final article in this series we are going to explore oils that guys can use in muscle support, eliminating stinky shoes, hand cleaner, and even into the wild with some cover scent ideas for hunting. As we have seen so far, Essential Oils for Dudes are hardly wimpy, floral, ladies-only items. Instead they are and should be important, integral parts of any guy’s lifestyle.

Muscle Man Mix

While most are by no means looking to join the Olympic weight lifting team, anyone who works out to be healthy, tone up, or even add muscle to their bodies experience muscle soreness from working out. This is due to simply stressing and stressing the muscles and the microscopic muscle tearing that occurs.

Many common ways to help with the soreness include using things such as ice, rest, anti-inflammatory medications, massage, heat, and stretching to help in the process of recovery. Enter one more secret weapon in support of your muscles – Essential Oils!

As you research and lean more about the constituents found in Essential Oils, you will be amazed at what they can do in so many areas of life. Let’s look at 5 of these real quickly that you can combine together with a carrier oil with a roller ball and utilize quickly and easily to support your muscles, especially after strenuous activities.

  • Oils for Dudes - Muscles - rOIL TreasuresLemongrass
    • Constituents in Lemongrass support the muscles and body’s natural response to irritation caused by strenuous activity
  • Copaiba
    • This essential oil has a high concentration of the constituent, β-caryophyllene. Simple Google research will uncover the many beneficial things that are most often found in the use of medicinal marijuana, without the compound that creates the psychoactive high.
  • Idaho Balsam Fir
    • Supports a healthy respiratory system and can be used for soothing muscles after exercise or sports.
  • Wintergreen
    • The natural constituent of methyl salicylate is known for supporting the body’s response to muscular discomfort and has an icy hot feeling that is soothing during those times.
  • Peppermint
    • Used internally such as in Peppermint Vitality, supports the digestive system in an amazing way. Used topically, Peppermint provides a very cooling and soothing sensation for the body during those times of physical exertion and elevated temperatures.

Stinky Shoes Eradication

Ok guys. No one here is immune from this. Summer is here, temperatures are high, and sweat is everywhere! This means only one thing for your feet and shoes – A walking Oils for Dudes - Shoe Powder - Recipe - rOIL Treasuresstink bomb! The stink is caused by the bacteria on our bodies breaking down the stale sweat and emitting that foul odor we often dub BO.

There are many items on the market advertised to help this from shoe sprays to foot powders, but many of these contain chemicals and synthetics that if researched, you don’t want anywhere near you! One of the easiest and most natural way to get rid of this and many other offensive odors is found in an essential oil blend called aptly, Purification.

Purification is a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Myrtle essential oils, and includes naturally occurring compounds cineol, neral, and geranial. This natural odor elimination blend will leave a fresh, clean scent and defuse the stink bomb. Just use it guys, your spouse and family will love you for it!

Gearhead Hands

OK, Dudes. Its time to talk hands and hand cleanliness. I know, I know, I am not your mother. But I’m sure we still hear that still small voice of our mothers in our minds saying, “Go wash your hands, young man!”

Regular hand washing, particularly before and after certain activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoidOils for Dudes - Hand Scrub - Recipe - rOIL Treasures getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it can keep us all from getting sick. Hand washing is a win for everyone, except the germs.

Admit it gentlemen. We get our hands in some pretty funky stuff sometimes. Some by vocational choice and necessity, but others by pure reluctance (changed a toilet bowl wax ring recently?!?!). In any case, sometimes getting all the gunk off can be a challenge in not only getting clean, but also making sure we don’t also introduce absorption of chemical agents that can do more harm than good when it comes to getting clean.

In any case, the Gearhead Hand Scrub here made with Lemon Essential Oil is one of many types of recipes that can be made with essential oils. One of my other favorites is using Thieves Foaming Hand Soap.

Into the Woods

I know that this is not every guy, but many out there are avid outdoors men. While not a mark of masculinity, from the beginning of time, the basic need to eat has driven many a man into the woods in search of meat for them and the family. Only one problem that many already know, men stink!

Oils for Dudes - Recipe - Cover Scent - rOIL TreasuresIn the search for prey in the wild, that poses a big problem as that scent warns the prey of danger nearby and to stay away. Not what you want to happen when you and the family need some meat to eat. Again there are many ways to mitigate this problem and probably more than I am even aware of, from techniques in getting downwind, to gross things like spreading animal urine or feces on yourself.

If you are looking for something a bit more pleasant, then have a look at some Essential Oils that can aid you in your next trek for the elusive prey. Simply choose an Essential Oil that would be found most naturally in the habitat you are going, place 20 drops into a spray bottle with 2 oz of water and you have a quick, natural, cover scent. Can’t get any easier than that!

Guys, its been cool to spend the last 3 or 4 week exploring Oils for Dudes with you and hope you have learned some new things and about some new oils that you can incorporate into your every day use. If you would like a one sheet page of the recipes in this series and/or a cheat sheet on the oils we covered, drop me a line here and I’ll be glad to email that to you!

Please comment and share these articles with other fellow dudes so they too can Man Up! about Essential Oils for Dudes!

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