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How to Enhance Your Vitality with Essential Oils – Part 3

rOIL Treasures Blog Post
April 16, 2016
rOIL Treasures Blog Post

What is Vitality?

Vitality very simply is life! If you are reading this you are living, but do you have life? Is it vibrant and full of vitality? If not, how can you infuse your life with things that will bring about vitality?

“Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over.” – Unknown

In the third part of this series we will continue to introduce you to additional oils in the Vitality™ Dietary Essential Oils line from Young Living.

Vitality™ dietary essential oils gives you a new way to discover the versatility of our pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils! They are perfect for adding flavor to your favorite foods or using as dietary supplements and let’s you explore some of our best-loved essential oils in a variety of nutritious and delicious ways.
There are four distinct categories — Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement — and we will look at the Citrus category today. Click on an oil to see a description and creative how-to-use ideas to enhance your vitality!
Fall in love with oils all over again with Citrus Vitality dietary essential oils:

bergamot-vitality-essential-oil-roil-treasures-dallasBergamot Vitality

Cold pressed from the fresh bergamot fruit that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor, Bergamot Vitality™ essential oil has a fresh, complex citrus taste that makes it the perfect addition to many summer dishes. With a distinctly tart finish, it can also liven up sugarless baked goods. The taste of the Bergamot Vitality is somewhere between a sour orange and lemon, making it a distinctive, zesty addition to seafood recipes.



citrus-fresh-vitality-essential-oil-blend-roil-treasures-dallasCitrus Fresh™ Vitality

Can’t get enough citrus in your life? Citrus Fresh™ Vitality™ essential oil combines Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tangerine, and Lemon oils with a shot of Spearmint for a zesty and refreshing burst of flavor. The constituents limonene, beta-pinene, and linalool all naturally occur in the Citrus Fresh Vitality oil blend.


grapefruit-vitality-essential-oil-roil-treasures-dallasGrapefruit Vitality

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) Vitality™ is known for its invigorating citrus scent and delicious, tart taste. Grapefruit Vitality essential oil can also support weight-management programs when taken internally and paired with a healthy diet and exercise.*




Jade Lemon™ Vitalityjade-lemon-vitality-essential-oil-roil-treasures-dallas

Jade Lemon™ Vitality™ has a unique lemon-lime taste that is a favorite beverage infusion. When used in culinary applications, Jade Lemon Vitality adds a wonderfully bright flavor and invigorates the senses. A surprisingly delicious ingredient in baked treats, Jade Lemon Vitality can liven up any recipe that can benefit from a citrusy kick of character.





Lemon Vitality

Lemon (Citrus limon) Vitality can add a bright, dynamic flavor to many dishes. Its versatility in sweet and savory recipes is what makes this fruit a popular item in kitchens around the world. Use Young Living’s Lemon Vitality™ essential oil to add flavor to savory foods like fish and chicken or sweet foods like pastries and cakes.




Lime Vitalitylime-vitality-essential-oil-roil-treasures-dallas

Lime (Citrus latifolia) Vitality™ essential oil is prized for its ability to bring a unique citrus flavor and delicious zing to any food or beverage. Adding a few drops of Lime Vitality essential oil to your dishes is the perfect way to elevate your cooking.




orange-vitality-essential-oil-roil-treasures-dallasOrange Vitality

Orange (Citrus sinensis) Vitality™ has a clean, refreshing scent and flavor and contains the naturally occurring constituent limonene. Young Living uses it in many products, such as NingXia Red® and our proprietary wellness supplement ImmuPro™.




Tangerine Vitalitytangerine-vitality-essential-oil-roil-treasures-dallas

Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) Vitality™ essential oil is one of the sweetest flavors of all our citrus Vitality oils. Bringing complex citrus notes to savory dishes and desserts, Tangerine Vitality essential oil is a bright, tangy addition in the kitchen. When you want to give your recipes an extra kick of something unexpected, try reaching for Tangerine Vitality.


Comment below with how you have used the Citrus Vitality dietary essential oils to enhance your life!
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