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Essential Oils: Hype, Hoax, or Hope?

rOIL Treasures Blog Post
April 30, 2016
rOIL Treasures Blog Post

To say that the Essential Oil market is exploding would be an understatement. According to one report that I saw, by 2022, the global market growth for essential oils is expected to reach 11.67 billion dollars (yes that is a b for billion)!

With this much buzz about essential oils, the question is how much of this is just hype and hoax and how much is Essential Rewards Product Points-roil-treasures-dallas-forneyreally true to offer hope for those looking to support their health and wellness with the natural substances given to us by our Creator.

The answer is not an easy one because as you begin to try and sort out truth from error, peel back the curtain on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, and really try to see past the audacious claims of some that essential oils are a cure-all for every ailment mankind has, you will find that it can be a very confusing and often misleading amount of information.

As I began down this journey, I started it with skepticism, often calling essential oils voodoo oils or snake oils. Starting off with skepticism with anything can be healthy, if you are able to use it as a starting point and use it to filter for what doesn’t make sense and spur you on to find out what is true.

With that in mind I continued looking at essential oils with a great deal of skepticism and decided to do 3 things:

1. Research

2. Read testimonials

3. Use/Evaluate personally

By doing these three things, I knew that I could use the space between my own two ears that God had given me to decide and discern for myself what was hype, hoax, or that which could bring hope. These are the same 3 things that I encourage anyone looking at incorporating essential oils into their lives to do as well.

So what was the result of doing these 3 things?


The internet is full of information and you can Google just about anything and learn about just about anything. So I Googled away and read a lot of stuff, pro and con, about essential oils. I invested into some books written by people a lot smarter than I am to read and learn their thoughts and perspectives.

I learned that there are different grades of essential oils. I learned there are things called constituents in the chemical make-up of each essential oil that can help support the body’s systems.

I learned that there are various schools of thought in terms of essential oils use – topical, aromatic, and ingestion. I learned there are passionate people on all sides of these, each with their own opinions drawn from their own research and experiences.


The internet again is full of testimonials about essential oil uses and claims. As I read through them I kept seeing a common theme. Not that essential oils could cure every ailment known, but that they were a vehicle that was giving people hope. That essential oils are powerful tools that could be used by everyday common folk to support their body’s system naturally, boosting their health above the wellness line, and avoiding many harmful side effects being used to just treat symptoms.

I talked to friends who had used essential oils and found they too were finding hope in using these oils to bring balance into their lives emotionally, enhance their walk with their Creator spiritually, and enjoy their lives in a more abundant manner than they had done before.

Personal Evaluation

The last test of the hype, hoax, or hope I used was personal use and evaluation. I personally begin using oils along with our family to support our health and wellness. Researching the constituents in oils that supported our body’s systems we collected a whole arsenal of tools that we begin using on a daily basis, consistently.

Essential oils like Lemon Vitality that we added to our daily water intake. Blends like Thieves that support our body’s immune system. Essential oils like Lavender known to provide a relaxing and soothing scent to help us keep calm in stressful times. The more we researched, read testimonials and used the oils, the more oils we added to our toolbox.

The Results

After 2 years of daily, consistent use I sat down and began adding up our medical expenses and analyzed if essential oils had done what we had researched, read about, and personally experienced. The results that I saw simply astonished me so much that I had to recalculate again to make sure they were accurate – and they were.

In 2 years of consistent, daily use of essential oils to support our health and wellness, our medical expenses dropped by 50%!


Yes, that is correct. Our family’s medical expenses dropped by 50% over the two year time-frame we used essential oils daily and consistently to support our health and wellness. I was simply floored as I knew the only major change to our lifestyle was adding in essential oil use. Not only that but we just felt better. Our bodies were stronger. We were not having to spend money on doctor visits as the essential oils were helping our bodies to keep us above the wellness line.

I don’t know where you are in your thoughts and perspective on essential oils, but I would encourage you to do these same three things – research, read and/or listen to testimonials, and begin using essential oils for yourself. I think you will find that essential oils do provide hope and are neither a hype or hoax.

We personally have found the best Essential Oils to be those made by Young Living. Their quality based on their Seed to Seal commitment is unmatched in the market. We would love to be a part of that journey with you so contact us if you want to learn more, subscribe to our newsletter to get our blog posts sent to you via email for further education, or if you are ready to get started you can look at starter kits here!

There is hope!


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2 thoughts on “Essential Oils: Hype, Hoax, or Hope?

  1. Wow! This is a fantastic article. I would love to share this! It is very well-written, thoughtful, and heartfelt. I feel the same way and I appreciate that you spoke about skepticism in a positive light. I also appreciated being able to see how financially essential oils have helped your family. I just started using essential oils in January, and I can’t wait to continue using them everyday for the rest of my life.

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