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Back To School: Survival Secrets Using Essential Oils – Part 1

rOIL Treasures Blog Post
August 20, 2016
rOIL Treasures Blog Post

End of August means one thing for many. The frenzy of getting kids ready for back to school! Back to school shopping is in full swing. Glue, paper, scissors, backpacks, shirts, pants and shoes are flying off the shelves and standing in the middle are mom and dead dreading the whole experience that has become the norm each year.

How can Essential Oils help in this crazy preparation as well as during the school year? We will share Survival Secrets using essential oils over the next few weeks and we think you will be surprised how easily they can be used and incorporated daily into your routine and be of great benefit to the kiddos!

Rise ‘N ShineRiseNShine - Joy - Lemon - Motivation - rOIL Treasures - Dallas - Forney

The first day of school arrives and it’s time to wake up the kids to get ready! The thoughts of the sleepy, grumpy, upset attitudes already begin to fill your mind, don’t they? Did you know there is a way to help wake your kids in the morning and give them a great start for the day with essential oils?

Absolutely! Essential oils can be the key to a more productive and enjoyable morning getting ready for school with an emotional support blend like Joy or Motivation that will gently wake their brains and get them ready for the day. Other combinations such as Joy and Lemon  in your diffuser in the morning will promote an uplifting and positive attitude while at the same time fighting against the morning grumps.

Mighty and Strong

Might and Strong - Thieves Vitality - Ningxia Red - rOIL Treasures - Dallas - ForneyAnother struggle and maybe even shudder that you may experience when getting the kids ready to go back to school is how to keep them well and support their immune system since we are sending them right into the middle of who knows what when it comes to sickness, germs, etc. when going to a very public place like school and the unknowns of who or what they will come into contact with.

Essential Oils to the rescue! It may sound trite, but with things like Thieves Vitality and Ningxia Red you can have a quick and easy way to support your child’s overall wellness and build and support a healthy immune system. It can be as easy as adding a drop of Thieves Vitality to a shot of Ningxia Red, glass of apple juice, or hot cereal to promote overall wellness all year-long.

First Day Jitters

We all have been there. Either going to the first day of school ourselves as students or sending our children off forFirst Day Jitters - Stress Away - Valor II - Cedarwood - rOIL Treasures - Dallas - Forney that first day of school. There will be pictures, smiles, and even tears as the next step in their growing up years occur. The stresses of the first day of school should not be minimized as they are very real to both the parents and the children.

As you think of how to support your children during the first day jitters, give some thought as to how your child may benefit from essential oils all day long. Obviously you can’t just give a child a bottle of essential oil and say slather this on all day! But there are some very cool and innovative things you can do to allow them to breathe in the benefits of essential oils throughout the day. Things like a diffuser necklace or bracelet added to your child’s outfit with oils or oil blends like Stress Away, Valor II, or Cedarwood added to them are fantastic ways to promote calmness during a stressful school day.

Homework Study Aids

Homework. That dreaded part of school many times hated by student and parent alike. However, it is an integral part of the system of study we have and can be a time of bonding with our children if we look at it with the right perspective. Parents should always be the primary parties responsible for the education of their children and these times of working through homework assignment can be key times in building a foundations of trust, encouragement, and communication with our children.

Homework Study Aids - Peppermint - Brain Power - Clarity - rOIL Treasures - Dallas - ForneyHomework times are not always easy and sometimes can be times of frustration and even times of anger outbursts from both parent and child, but these are the times where we can work together to build character traits like self-control, patience, and even endurance! It is important to remember the ultimate goal is to help our children learn how to think for themselves, articulate their thoughts into words in communication both verbal and written, and also to self-regulate during times of stress and discomfort. Creating an environment of trust leads to a great atmosphere for learning.

There is no better time than these than to infuse the area in which homework is being done with Essential Oils. The  complex, pleasant, and unique scents can activate the limbic system – the brain’s center of emotions, learning, and memory. Try using Peppermint, Brain Power, or Clarity in your diffuser to promote a sense of clarity and focus during homework time!

This concludes part 1 of our Back To School: Survival Secrets Using Essential Oils series and we will pick up next week with more tips and insights. We hope you will comment below and share this with your family and friends!





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