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Busy…that would probably be the best word to describe our lives right now! Heidi is a stay at home mom, but also watches several children ranging from 2-9 on a daily basis. Scott is a Service Delivery Manager at a large telecom company and works early in the morning until sometimes late into the evening. Life has us busy and it is this busyness that has made us more aware of the need we have to support our health – from eating more nutritionally, exercising more consistently, and seeking out top quality products to support optimal health and wellness.

If you are anything like us, supporting our busy lives and keeping our health and wellness always in front of us is a balancing act for sure. When first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils, Heidi jumped in as she saw the immediate benefit in how several oils greatly supported her health goals. Scott on the other hand was the typical, skeptical husband. They were those “voodoo oils” to him. It was not long though until he too saw the amazing ways essential oils can interact with the body in support of the body’s health. The biggest impact though has been our decreased need to go to the doctor as often when we saw other’s going more often due to choosing to not supporting their health and wellness consistently.

On this site you will find several of the oils we use routinely to support our own personal health and wellness and we are excited that Young Living has provided an avenue and opportunity to share this information and educate others on how they too can support their health and wellness goals with these fantastic products.

If you would like to learn more with us or need assistance in meeting some of your own health and wellness goals, we would be honored to connect and visit more with you. Please use the contact form on this page to do so and we will get in touch with you.

To your health,

~Scott & Heidi

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