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5 Reasons People Do Not Use Young Living Essential Oils

rOIL Treasures Blog Post
July 16, 2016
rOIL Treasures Blog Post

If you are anything like me, I am a skeptic of anything “new.” Especially if it has anything to do with health and wellness. From the early days of our country and probably for centuries there have always been quacks out there selling anything and everything to make a buck – whether it benefited those they sold it to or not.

This is how I felt about Young Living Essential Oils when first introduced to them, so if you are reading this you may be in the same boat I was in. However, after seeing their impact on our family’s health and wellness as well as direct impact on our family’s budget from a savings standpoint of 50% over a couple of years, it made me take more notice of these little bottles of liquid, created from the essence plants and trees, designed just for us.

I want to share 5 Reason People Do Not Use Young Living Essential Oils and see if through a few minutes of your time you may move from skepticism to at least curiosity and a curiosity that will cause you to continue to learn more about how essential oils may fit into your family’s health and wellness regimen.

  1. Fear-of-the-Unknown-roil-treasuresFear of the unknown

The fear of the unknown prevents an individual from leaving his/her comfort zone. The fear of the unknown can sometimes be very difficult to describe because this fear is nothing more than a mental obstacle. Every time an individual encounters an unfamiliar situation, the fear manifests itself, and prevents an individual from taking the right decisions in life. There are times when an individual has to move away from his/her comfort zone to experience better things in life. More than often though, it curbs an individual’s ability to perform to the fullest in various walks of life.  Usually, an individual chooses to run away from the situation, and in the process losses certain opportunities in life.

We don’t want fear of the unknown to keep you from choosing to learn, experience, and explore what Young Living Essential Oils from rOIL Treasures can do for you. That is one of the purposes of this very blog and website to give you a resource to learn from and begin exploring ways to start using these powerful oils.

2. MistrustMistrust-roil-treasures

This is a big one for many even considering the use of Young Living Essential Oils or any type of nutritional/wellness support products because the market is flooded with those just looking to make a buck without any real concern or passion for the product and the people the product is intended to help.

As I looked at Young Living and began researching what they did and how they did it I was blown away with the level of passion and integrity for the products they make and the customers and wholesale members they make it for. From a Seed to Seal commitment to their own reward program to earn free product, to the D. Gary Young – Young Living Foundation where Young Living covers the administrative costs of the Foundation so that 100% of donations go the Foundation’s work is unheard of and legendary.

These are the things that install confidence and kill off any mistrust I had with Young Living and hope as you research you will come to the same conclusion.

3. Loss-of-control-roil-treasuresLoss of control

When it comes to our health, a feeling of loosing control is probably one of the biggest things that many times keeps us from taking care of ourselves like we should have. Whether it avoiding going to the doctor as you know they will harp on our diet, weight, and exercise habits (or lack thereof!) to not doing business with certain companies for fear of getting roped into some kind of large minimum purchase requirement, minimal product choices, or even a forced auto-ship program for products you can’t choose or products you don’t really want that end up filling up the garage.

Well, good news here is that when purchasing Essential Oils from Young Living with rOIL Treasures you have none of that to worry about. You can choose to be a retail or wholesale customer depending on your needs, no minimum monthly ordering requirements, and not forced into a monthly auto-ship program that you have no control over.  In fact as a wholesale member there is only a minimum $50 per year order to keep your wholesale membership active and if you choose to join the Essential Rewards program you have complete control of the products shipped to you each month, can stop any time (just use up any points you earned first, obviously!), and can even skip a month a year.  You are in control and in charge – taking responsibility to obtain those products that support your particular health and wellness goals!

4. Bad timingBad-timing-roil-treasures

As the old saying goes, “Timing is everything.” Most bad decisions are a failure in timing and not a failure in choice. One of the most important aspects of wise decision-making is being able to identify when one should not make a decision. There are times in which we are too tired, too biased, too involved, or too ______ to make a good choice. In those moments, we must either delay the decision or submit our decision-making process to someone we trust who is in a better spot to make a wise choice.

This may not be the right time for you to choose to explore how Young Living Essential Oils from rOIL Treasures could benefit you and your family’s health and wellness. We respect that and encourage you to use this blog and website as a continued resource so when the time is right, you would allow us the honor of partnering and supporting you in your path to meeting your health, wellness, and abundance goals with Young Living Essential Oils.

5. Resistance-toward-change-roil-treasuresResistance towards change

Making a decision to do something new or different can be difficult, and sometimes even paralyzing for some. Choosing to use Young Living Essential Oils from rOIL Treasures to support your health and wellness may go against even the advice of your family or friends due to their own fear of change or other of the reasons we have listed above.

We encourage and even insist that each person take control of their own health and take responsibility to research and explore how Essential Oils can benefit you. More importantly it’s about building a relationship of trust and an environment where you feel comfortable to ask questions and empowered to choose what will help you the most.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here and we are here to help in any way we can so please get in touch with us and comment below what you thought of what we shared here today.

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